Scotch & Iron


Our Discord:

Welcome to Scotch & Iron, a roleplay server.

All server rules and information are available on the Discord as well as the community discussions please make sure you join. You can also Click the tabs here for the The Server Rules and in game Controls.

Scotch and Iron is a role play community Please treat others and this server with respect. VDM and RDM will not be tolerated. If you require assistance that is not covered in the Rules and Discord or you need to report a player please use: /report [message] In game chat.

We welcome you to our city role play responsibly and find your self a new home.

Vote for us!

Scotch & Iron needs your help! Please be sure to vote for our server daily, it costs you nothing but a calorie or two in clicking your mouse finger and it helps us reach out to more players.


  1. Please ensure your discord name matches that of your character in game.
  2. Please keep offensive language to a minimum. (swearing is allowed just do not go overboard and take warning if given one)
  3. Racism of any kind will result in a perm ban. (This will result in a permanent ban NO WARNINGS GIVEN)
  4. Spam in general is not allowed. (staff are here to help give them time to do so)
  5. Cyberthreats, or bullying in general will be taken very seriously. (This will result in a permanent ban NO WARNINGS GIVEN)
  6. Harassment, excessively targeting a player or staff member or excessively messaging a player or staff member will not be tolerated. (If you are getting harassed tell an admin or report them in the discord)
  7. Server advertisement of any sort is not allowed. (This will result in a permanent ban NO WARNINGS GIVEN)
  8. This is an English speaking community, therefore only English is allowed in our channels.
  9. Do not advertise other Discord servers without EGV owner approval.
  10. Continued Fail RP will result in a kick/ban.
  11. RDM and VDM is not allowed and will result in a kick/ban.
  12. A working mic is required if you dont have one this will result in a KICK from the server.
  13. Job vehicles are mandatory at all times - if it breaks get a mechanic, if none are online go get another (if you get caught doing a job without the vehicle you will be either banned or character wiped)

Game Controls

To Use Control Note
Player List Middle mouse
Phone F1
Inventory F2
Animations F3
Invoices F4
Vmenu F9
Voicechat Ingame T
On Foot
Put on item K Take off item - K
Hands Up U
Point Finger B
Player list
In Vehicle
Vehicle Horn E Left joystick
Turn on/off engine X
Headlights H (Hitch & unhitch in truck)
Lock Vehicle U (must own vehicle)
Exit vehicle but leave engine running F (press and hold)
Look behind C
Cinematic Cam R